Sustainability and ESG Strategies

We draw on evidence and analytics to develop sustainability and ESG strategies that provide a credible blueprint for demonstrably achieving your sustainability and ESG goals.

A non-exhaustive set of services that we provide to help you develop and implement a Sustainability or ESG strategy are set out below.

Materiality Assessment

Our Materiality Assessment will identify the sustainability topics that are relevant to you, and which therefore the Sustainability or ESG Strategy should seek to address.

Baselining performance on material issues

Drawing on our data expertise, we can help you assess your current performance on material issues, in order to identify opportunities and gaps.

Formulating and prioritising interventions

Data-driven insights and  effective engagement with your stakeholders, enable us to formulate prioritised interventions for you that deliver results!

Target Setting

We benchmark against your peers and use analytics to develop ambitious, quantifiable, science-based and time-bound targets that are credible with stakeholders.

Implementation Support

We support you with implementation planning, and with setting-up  governance, policies and review processes to ensure that the strategy is implemented successfully.

Periodic Reviews

Our periodic reviews will advise on implications of changes in the operating or regulatory environment on your strategy, and propose appropriate action.   

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