Analyses unlocks the value and insights from sustainability data.

If not properly analysed, potentially-useful sustainability data simply simply become wasted assets.

We apply a range of analytical techniques to extract value from sustainability data for our clients and to inform effective interventions and decision-making.

Some of the types of analytics that we apply, and the insights that we gain, include the following:

Descriptive Analytics to understand trends and patterns from your sustainability data.
We use descriptive insights to identify current gaps and opportunities in your organisation’s sustainability performance and approach.
Diagnostic Analytics to investigate and assess causal relationships between your actions and your sustainability outcomes.
We use diagnostic insights to formulate remedial actions and solutions that are specific to your organisation and to your context.
Predictive Analytics to assess what the future might hold for your sustainability performance under various scenarios.
We use predictive insights to formulate proactive actions and solutions for you, to mitigate sustainability risks and issues before their adverse impacts become consequential.
Prescriptive Analytics to appraise options for realising sustainability opportunities and mitigating sustainability risks.
We use prescriptive insights to identify the best course of action for realising your sustainability objectives.